As soon as I open my eyes each morning I have a tune or song in my head.. I’ve never understood it but I love it. Each morning song will determine my day. It could be food shopping, a good day to be creative (on or off the machine), a good day to research or buy fabric or just a day when I feel like doing shit-all, but that never happens.. always something to be done. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ballad, a beat or even a jingle on an advert, toes are always tapping. I’ve been told that I even toe tap in my sleep to any hint of music.

Pure adrenaline and waves of excitement rush over me when I know festival season is approaching. I start to create images in my mind. I can picture faces, smiling, laughing, full of pleasure with a bottle of booze in hand.. shaking their grassy asses. Every item I create has musical influence behind it.




Oh I forgot... I found out that waking up with someone with the same morning song symptoms is magical… at least I’m not alone in my madness… cheers big head boy!


Big head boy's little segment...


"For all of her many talents, infectious personality and many other reasons why VanBaby is so special to me, it’s the love she has for music.

I never thought I would ever meet someone who shares and understands the emotions music can drum up in you (see what I did there…..).

You’ll often find us in the kitchen on Wednesday evening having a dance whilst cooking dinner. More than anything, music connects VanBaby and I.

You can literally see the excitement build in her when she hears something new or one of her old favorites. Music has always been a big part of my life but some of my favorite memories have been made with VanBaby.

Here’s one,... having a picnic in a small park one summer, we had a small portable speaker with us. On the way out, Mary J Blige – Just fine started to play, VanBaby started miming (not singing) and dancing through the park. It affected everyone we passed, there were smiles, others singing and a couple who joined the dancing. This was a Sunday afternoon.

That sums up VanBaby to a tee, she’s infectious, outrageous, a little shy but most of all, makes people feel a little better than they already were."



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