Nothing drives me crazier than walking in to a store and seeing rails and rails of the same garment. Having something original or of a limited edition always makes a huge difference in how I feel. The truth is I have never had a favorite designer or followed any kind of fashion trend. I just love being different but comfortable.

Going back to college after having my first boy was one of the best things I have ever done. Studying Textiles and Tailoring opened my eyes to possibilities and sent my brain into overdrive…  I cut all my denim jeans into pieces and made skirts… err mm..I know. Tie dyed my bed sheets and covers… err rm.. I know again! But I don’t regret a single action. I was slowly teaching myself. I found that cutting into pre-made clothes nipping, tucking and stitching helped me understand body shapes and I was able to have something that fitted me properly. It felt bloody good. I’m 5 10” size 12 on the top and size 8-10 on the bottom with a 36” inside leg and big size 8 feet…. Yeah… I know AGAIN!!! But I made clothes for me or adjusted clothes for me. Then friends and family, then their friends and family.. it felt good, special.. they all had something different and unique. That is why I’m overly happy to only offer one offs or limited editions.. I want you to feel special too.



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