Hoodie & Shorts

Hoodies and jackets can be created to match your shorts.. together they are a serious WOW factor.

If you want to stand out from the crowd… this is the way to go. Best thing about it is you know you can rock up anywhere and never bump or cross someone in the same outfit. Unique,

Limited Editions 

Shopping for fabrics…

I never buy fabric online. You can’t beat true visual, touching and smelling fabrics, plus I give them my durability test… a good brisk rub and stretch (got to be sure of quality) I do get some funny looks sometimes.

When I shop I will only buy a limited amount of each of my chosen fabrics. Meaning that when it’s gone it’s gone! Purpose being it enables me to create true one offs and limited editions. That means I have to go shopping regularly, poor, poor me..wink!

A Bespoke Service

Every order is made for you! I can mix and match fabrics, sizes and trims. Drop me an email with your ideas and I’ll get straight back to you!



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