Welcome all peoples, I have just started living... Well living with on different vibe.

Mother of one at 18 

Mother of two at 20

Undoubtedly my greatest achievements.

Both my beautiful boys are living their own lives now allowing me the opportunity to explore my different loves, experience different ways of doing things and be spontaneous when I feel it.

Images, shapes, textiles and designs have always played a huge part in my life. My brain is always thinking of ways to making unusable usable, softening the harsh and brightening the dull. Working outside touching and feeling nature, embracing all the seasons and weather conditions has helped me understand comfort and how to move forward with a positive outlook. With each of my garments I hear and feel music and motion. Before I create I know what I want it to feel and say to you. We are all different so I know it might not be saying the same thing to you but I want it so say something!

I am an extremely lucky, lucky lady... I have the most amazing family and friends. Friends that give you their time, ears and heart without a debt. My Mother... I’ve always said I will never win the lotto because I used up all my luck just by her being the bestest ever!!!  Sisters that have constantly been encouraging (pushy sometimes, haha), life and soul lifting all when truly needed.  My loving boys that have kept me constantly busy, but have never given me any trouble.  An extremely supportive partner who allows me to be me every day (a total nutcase). We never go a day without a full belly laugh. I blame him for my recent research in to Tena lady…. Just research for now though… wink! And my beloved old best mate Max the Rottweiler who just kissed me and listened.

Freedom, style, comfort, music, food and laughter are all to be embraced and shared whenever and wherever.

It’s true that sharing a smile goes a long way. Wear one with whatever you choose to wear.

Be happy People, be comfortable with you!



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